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Michael Giammusso, HHP
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Mike met an associate, a woman whom he was working with that he could tell something was bothering her. Michael has always had a knack for when something's wouldn’t be quite right with someone, especially if they are down. When he asked her what was bothering her, she mentioned that her husband was challenged with a serious disease affecting his liver and some of the best doctors in Toronto, Canada, one which was a leading physician at one of the best hospitals gave her husband a grave diagnosis -- he only has about 12 months to live.

After hearing this news, and with Mike’s newfound knowledge of how to support someone’s health having addressed his own (Click here for Mike’s past health challenges), he shared what he knew about both diet and supplementation with them.

After following his guidelines and coaching the couple through their challenge, to their surprise, and at the time to Michael’s surprise as well, the Doctors returned in surprise to tell them that his blood test results had come back normal and to keep doing whatever they were doing. They never did share the natural remedies they were using with their doctors but were pleasantly surprised by the results they received.

This impressed Michael who went on to get some formal training and do greater research to help others who are challenged with their health. This work was much too rewarding for Mike to continue working as a business consultant and business analyst. The career choice was then made. This has kept Mike inspired to continue learning and finding ways to help others around him and spread the word of good health and happiness for anyone who may need it and attempts to attain it.

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