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Yes, This one is dear to my heart, my 5 year old nephew diagnosed late with last stage cancer throughout body including lynphatic and bones, given 20% chance to live, and heard Dr's say "fortunate if he stays with us within next couple months," yet astonished doctors with his survival beating his odds and complete recovery.

After going through our programs we often hear people exclaim, "Wow I seriously to feel years younger like I've gone back 10 years Mike !"

Don't allow your tissue to get poisoned and turn into a fungal form we call cancer ! The body is essentially rotting. Preserve it instead.

Sign up to learn how to safeguard your health through simple but powerful cleansing therapies !!

Having much experience, insight and knowledge with this condition, the best i can describe it to those looking to understand it, is that the tissue changes are no different then when a fruit rots once picked off a tree or plant.

Also, Once any part of the body loses it's connection or ability to communicate with the greater whole with the flow that takes place with rest of the body, it has the potential of changing form and acting on it's own accord. Like small children misbehaving without the guidance.

If you notice, most cancers are in cavitites within the body where stagnation of fluids occur, like glands of breasts, prostate gland, sacs in lungs, fluid w/in brain, etc.

Where conditions surrounding the tissue intoxicate (become poisonous)and create changes w/in that tissue it comes in contact with. Healthy cells behave differently under toxic conditions and misbehave, mutate. Essentially a healthy cell turning into a fungal form.

Many cancer patients may first experience repeated episodes of inflammation or infection within these cavitities before being diagnosed with cancer with them. Inflammation of prostate as marker, or fibrous breasts with glands, lung infections, etc.

Ever notice how pale most cancer patients are? ...and most of them are always cold. They may also be easily stressed, nervous or depressed with very little energy to work with.

Think of a stagnant infected swamp versus a clear clean waterfall. The waterfal is free flowing as our circulation should be and the other harbors infection due to it's stagnation. It not only turns infectious (transformation of good to bad), but attracts it.

Mother nature designed infection as a way to clean the body of waste. If waste is present, it needs to be broken down by organisms for elimination for the greater good/ whole.

Proper cleansing in the right order is paramount to assure one safeguard's themselves from infection and cancer.

What we term autointoxication, the self-poisoning of the body from imitation and improperly prepared foods, the use of drugs (chemicals) as medicine and radiation exposure, is causing this condition. We simply need to clean the body and rebuild it to restore it's flow and function and not compromise it with further insults once they are identified to re-create the conditions that caused the cancer.

Chemotherapy: Is further poisoning the body back to health the best way to address a poisoned body?

Some may choose to do integrative medicine, but the most successful group are those that suffer far less and decide on natural means.

Addressing symptoms is quick, addressing the underlying cause takes more time, but can fully restore the body to lead a completely normal life without challenge even after many years of having a particular condition.

Don't operate and make decisions on fear, understand this condition and regain control of your body back. Create conditions within your body that do not change your healthy cells to cancerous ones, but create a condition where the cancer cells can no longer survive.

Give the Natural Health Center a call to schedule your initial consult to learn how to regain your health and well being. THE FUTURE OF HEALTH CARE IS HERE. We provide phone consultations not only throughout the USA, but internationally with many countries around the world. We provide an easy to follow customized program and informational package specific to your needs --delivered to your door.

If all one does is try to poison the body back to health and hope that when they let up, the body can recover... is that the best way to support the body and strenthen the immune system?

The good news is that many of the 4 million people being treated for cancer in America will survive the disease and go on to live full and productive lives.

While the numbers that survive are far too low (about 44%), many of the more than 1500 daily cancer deaths occur because patients and their families are unaware of the depth of the resources currently available. Unfortunately, some die avowing they would never resort to natural medicine, while others are interested but lack the expertise to implement the program to their best advantage. Regrettably, some turn to alternative care fairly late in the course of the disease process, weakening the probability of recovery.

Mainstream medicine (relying upon surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation) may initially appear successful, but the harbingers of the disease process are less often addressed. Conventional cancer treatments are not for those individuals who are frail in body or spirit. For the past 30 years, cancer therapies have experienced tremendous setbacks because of an associated toxic response, resulting in significant numbers of treatment-induced deaths rather than disease-induced fatalities. Awareness regarding historic numbers of unsuccessful outcomes has forced patients to look for alternatives to bolster survival odds. Many who use alternative therapies report doing so without their oncologist's knowledge, fearful of verbal castigation or rejection by a physician (Richardson 2000).

The University of Texas's M.D. Anderson Cancer Center (Houston) found that 99.3% of patients had heard of complementary medicine, and 68.7% of patients reported having used at least one unconventional therapy (Richardson 2000). About 75% of the patients surveyed, however, yearned for more information concerning complementary medicine and about one-half of those participating in the survey wanted the information to come from their physician.

Until most recently, major medical schools relegated only a few hours to nutritional education out of the hundreds of academic hours required to complete medical school. The exclusion began when Abraham Flexner (commissioned to correct inequities occurring in medical schools) penned the Flexner Report of 1910. His contribution, entitled Medical Education in the United States and Canada, closed smaller medical schools and forced those that survived to adopt a uniform curriculum that excluded nutritional courses. Thus, some physicians emerged from medical schools, scoffing at the concept of nutrition influencing health or overcoming disease.

Sir William Osler (1849-1919), chief physician at Johns Hopkins's School of Medicine, drilled into students that medical research must be validated and replicated to be good medicine. This led to controlled experiments (as randomized, controlled trials) that became the backbone of orthodox supremacy. Nutritional protocols often used multiple nutrients, a difficult model to apply in clinical trials. Testing a single nutraceutical denied the patient full support of nutritional pharmacology, an injustice when treating a seriously ill patient. In addition, trials are expensive to conduct and early natural healers (by and large) did not represent an affluent subset of society.

But, ever so slowly, the medical scene is being revolutionized. According to the American College for Advancement in Medicine, physicians (in many cases) are showing eagerness to learn more about natural medicine and how to best implement it into their practice (Corbin et al. 2002). Scientists, teaching at nutritional seminars, report attendees are often medical doctors, a vast departure from years past.

The dosages required with nutrients to help assist in the cancerous condition (are considerably larger than those required for prevention) can change the effects that a nutrient has on the body. The risk is multidirectional. Overdosing or under dosing, as well as a lack of patient awareness regarding the full potential of natural pharmaceuticals, hampers recovery.

Give the Natural Health Center a call to schedule your initial consult to learn how to regain your health and well being. THE FUTURE OF HEALTH CARE IS HERE. We provide phone consultations not only throughout the USA, but internationally with many countries around the world. We provide an easy to follow customized program and informational package specific to your needs --delivered to your door.

At the moment we have a $155 full evaluation discounted to $90 to discuss the health challenges and needs of our clients in our office, or by phone after filling out our health forms, and a VIP membership that discounts our services further -

With a yearly membership, only $58 per month to have our health practitioner, Michael, on-call for you by office, email and phone.

We simplify our personalized schedules, guidelines and recommendations to deliver you with a very practical way to address your health challenges in an effective manner. We can also deliver directly to your email with articles of interest and a complete kit to provide you with some immediate results!

Journey into improving your health and well-being where you will sleep better- feel more rested- and regain your youthful skin, hair, nails and energy levels. No more achey joints or digestive upsets!

I spend a great deal of time with the first evaluation learning my clients and their habits, and nobody is rushed out the door unlike our medical offices today. We also send any supplements you need directly to your home or office so there is no hunting for products and our clients can start right away to improve their health and well-being!

Call us now for more information. If we are on the line, leave us a voicemail and we look forward to returning your call and help you to live the more vibrant life you deserve!

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