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Michael Giammusso, HHP
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Are You Being Robbed Of Your Health?
Natural Health Center : Importance of Safeguarding Your Health
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Ever wonder why nutrients are being added to our "food" today?

Vitamins A & D added to Milk…
B Complex & Folic Acid to "fortify" our Cereals?
Folic Acid, Iron and other nutrients to "enrich" our Breads?


By design, we are healthy. How do we lose it? Studies tell us that old age doesn't cause illness. Not everyone who gets old, gets sick.

A government study as early as 1930 has shown, that by the time food makes it to the shelf, it has been depleted of most of it's healthful nutrients that was once present years ago. These important nutrients never get a chance to make it on our plates to assure we stay in good health.

Science is now finding out the prominent role that nutrients play, to keep us healthy and prevent disease.

From the B vitamins reported in the front page of The New York Times to reverse coronary artery disease, to the Echinacea we reach for at the onset of a cold, nutrients are figuring ever more prominently into both mainstream medical treatment and everyday healing practices.

One may take advantage of the services of a natural healing practitioner. A true natural healing practitioner directs their efforts to overcoming the underlying causes for a condition, by helping to result in a patient who is not only symptom free, but one who is disease-free.


It may very well be, what we choose to place in our mouths…

The Surgeon General's report as far back as 1979 warned that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is dangerous and was related to the deaths of one and a half million Americans that year (that's over 62%).

The United States has fallen behind sixteen other nations in regard to the average life expectancy. The United Nations World Health Organization warns that "diseases of the rich (cancer, heart attack, and other diseases) are increasing as the customs of industrialized nations spread to other parts of the globe." It seems, in America, that we are more likely to develop a degenerative disease than to stay healthy.

Scientists can now measure the effect nutrients have in our bodies. Nutrients affect our bodies immediately because it goes to work to support us at the cellular level. Science is finding examples of how… what it's doing to our blood, cell membranes and even our DNA. Every five days, the tissue cells of our whole intestinal lining is renewed. Every eleven days, our respiratory lining is replenished, every six months, we have a new blood stream. Every two years we get a new set of bones. After about seven years, every cell in our entire body has been replaced and the health of those cells can be attributed to the quality of food that we eat.

Blood tests can change in a matter of weeks - in fact, many nutrients cause changes in the blood within hours of ingestion- real changes that can be measured. For example, some individuals, with blood pressure of 200/80, as little as three weeks have experienced lower levels of 118/70 by simply supplementing their diet with the nutrients that they lacked.

Disappointment in mainstream medicine has given rise to an upsurge of interest in healthy alternatives. Fortunately, times are changing. We are on the verge of a complete transformation of our health care in the United States. For a growing number of Americans, this transformation has already occurred. According to the World Health Organization, 80% of the people on Earth rely on natural medicines.


Great Britain's Royal Family, Mahatma Gandhi, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., Tina Turner, and Yehudi Menuhin don't have much in common, except for the fact that they all have been strong supporters of nutritional medicine. There is one simple reason that these and other respected individuals the world over have supported nutritional medicine: it works.

Traditional Agencies like the federal government's National Institute of Health (NIH) are budgeting $12 million in 1998 for its Office of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

The New England Journal of Medicine reports that one-third of all Americans use alternatives to traditional medicine. Herbal supplements are one of the most popular of alternatives and account for $3 billion in sales annually.

A study at Harvard Medical School found that Americans spent $14 billion on alternative therapies in 1990, representing 425 million visits.

About a dozen health-care insurance companies cover alternative therapies like acupuncture or homeopathy, According to a recent survey, 58 percent of HMO's (health maintenance organizations) say they plan to offer alternative therapies within the next one to two years and 70% reported a rise in patient requests for those options.

The science and art of natural remedies embody what many people envision as a 21st century medicine. It is a medical approach that respects the natural wisdom of the body. It is an approach that is widely recognized to be safe. Many doctors practicing mainstream medicine are beginning to recognize the value of adding natural options to patient care.

I feel obligated to impart to you the importance of safeguarding your health.

Its surprising how many people will bring their car in for a checkup or tune-up,and yet, so few of us do the same for our own body and health.

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