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Here's what our clients have to say about the Natural Health Center in Buffalo:

Antoinette M. Borucki

Dear Michael,

The best thing that happened to my husband’s and my health was being referred to you. You have brought us an ever so long way on the right track.

We look, feel, and perform better since being in your care. You know your profession well and possess a deep concern for your clients. This is exemplified by your spending a great deal of time in the office and on the telephone with your clients. Then, you confer with our doctor, who practices alternative as well as conventional medicine. Your patience is remarkable.

Thank you for your amiability, your honesty, and your assistance. It is a pleasure doing business with you.

I thank God for this blessing.


Signed Antoinette M. Borucki

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Marie G.

Dear Mike,

I don’t know what I’d do without you. At 88 years old I can still live alone and take care of myself. Because of you I no longer have to take medicine for my sugar diabetes. My heart fiberation is gone and I no longer retain large amounts of fluids. You helped me when I went through a mild stroke and I feel years younger. I just cleaned all my cupboards! Thank you for calling and coming to see me in the hospital.

Signed Marie G

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Betty M.

Dear Mike,

Thank you so much! I feel like my old self once again. No depression and my nerves are so much better. I have my energy level back!

Your many kindnesses and consideration are so greatly appreciated.


Signed Betty M

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Jeff S.

I wanted to thank you for reviving my health over the last year. As you probably recall, I was in a desperate situation with my eczema problem. At that time I was seeing an iridologist and my Medical doctor with some success. However, I was only seeing incremental improvement before what I call the crash.

I was spending hours in a bathtub to get relief from the burning and itching sensation in my face and other parts of my body. Quality of life was pretty low at that time. I decided that a steroid injection 4 to 5 times a year was not a long term solution. That is when I decided to change my health practitioner. With a few phone calls, a tip from a friend and a lot of luck from above I decided to call you.

Just a couple weeks after implementing some of your recommendations, I felt better in the face area. I knew at that time there might be hope. Several months later the skin on my face had all but cleared up. I can shave (pain free) again! Another benefit, about 6 months after the start of your program, the soreness in my hip joints had disappeared.

What can I say? Thank you for all that you have done. Health is a priority in one’s life when you don’t’ have it. Thanks for helping get mine back.


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Jona E. B.

I had a moderately serious condition with my intestines that was so long lived that I had accepted it as a way of life. Doctors suggested surgery several times. Thankfully I never agreed to it. After four or five weeks of treatment under the direction of Michael Giammusso the condition, which was a daily problem, has now only occurred twice in the last ten months.

This is only one of the numerous positive effects of the treatment, stands out because it was such a complete and dramatic healing.

Jona E. B.

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Della G.


Just wanted to say thanks in helping me with my continued pursuit in body Building. The gains I’ve received are incredible. You’ve helped me get that lean and ripped look!, and it was done in the most effective and healthy way. Well, I did it and it has been the most rewarding experience e of my life.


Della G.

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Danielle P.

Five years ago, I started having some problems with my stomach. At first the doctors thought it was gynecological, so I went there… they found nothing. Then I went to a gastrointestinal specialist who found nothing wrong after all the tests and dismissed me.

My primary doctor did numerous blood tests only to tell me that I had an allergy to wheat. After six months of eating pretty much nothing but fruits and vegetables along with some meat, another GI specialist determined that that was not what was wrong either. She continued to run more and more tests. I was on and off medications for years, with still no relief and finally decided that I didn’t want to be on medications that weren’t working.

Then a friend of mine, who happens to be Mike’s brother, told me that I should go and check things out with him. It has been 3 months now and even though I am not done completely with my treatment, I can honestly say that I haven’t had a stomach ache in a long time. I feel better overall not only my stomach, but my whole body as well. My stress level has gone down considerably, which has also helped my stomach.

I am pretty excited by this since every other medication I have tried seemed to stop working after the third month of use. I feel pretty confident that I am on the road to a great recovery with Mike’s guidance and help. I feel better than I have in years and I can eat everything that I used to that used to give me terrible pain without any bad reactions.

Mike is the only one who has helped me and has figured out what my stomach problems were. I felt better almost immediately on my program. I thank Mike for making me feel human again. It was getting to the point that if I woke up in the morning without a stomach ache, I thought something was wrong. Now, with Mike’s help, I no longer wake up with any stomach pain, and I know that nothing is wrong. Thanks again Mike!

Signed Danielle P.

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Dear Michael,

I can't thank you enough for helping me get past my breast cancer diagnosis and into a more healthful lifestyle. I've never felt as good as I do today.

I have to admit that when my sister first brought me to see you, I didn't know how or if you were going to be able to help me. We were there to see what supplements you would recommend I take with my chemo treatments - I already had 3 rounds of it.
But you talked to us about the dangers of chemotherapy and other conventional cancer treatments, making us take a hard look at the very things I was facing at Roswell.

You explained that you could help me with out me taking chemo --with diet changes and supplements. No chemo? I wasn't ready to bail out of the old stand-by cancer treatment just yet. But after thinking about what you were saying about chemo - I did some reading on my own as did my sister. We found more and more information about the negative effects of chemo and other cancer therapies.

I ended up having one more chemo treatment, but at that point, I know that that was going to be it. No more chemotherapy or any other "treatments" there. My oncologist was frightened for me, and I can tell she felt uncomfortable talking to me. Well I felt uncomfortable too.

I know I had to leave that hospital behind and find a doctor who was receptive to what I wanted to do. I wanted you to take care of me I just needed a doctor to monitor me and send me for blood work.

Well I did find a Doctor who supported me. She agrees with the path I've chosen to take and is into natural remedies herself. Anyways I love my program! I'm eating so much healthier now and I actually enjoy taking all my vitamins and supplements - which is good because I'm taking alot. Actually, the more I take the more excited I am!

Twice my blood work has been checked, since leaving Roswell, and each time it comes back better than before. I'm ecstatic! (You are happy too, but not really surprised.) You've always been able to keep my spirits up and continue to do so whenever I see you, or talk to you on the phone.

It goes without saying that the best thing I've ever done was to leave Roswell and put you in charge of my health care.

Mike, how do you thank someone for giving you your life back?

Very Sincerely,

Signed: Wendy T

IMPORTANT NOTE: This client was told by her oncologist that it would be a challenge to keep her alive and she was lucky if she had a 20% chance of making it since she got some spreading into her lymph nodes. As of this writing she has not only done well through the trying times she had, she also is doing very well today and that should continue with her consistency with following better dietary habits and being aware of the dietary and environmental insults that affected her and that may have predisposed her to the condition.

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