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Health Mate Jr.+

Health Mate Jr.+ Health Mate Jr.+
The smaller version of the HealthMate Plus model, the JR Plus is great for areas to 700 sq feet. Perfect for 1-2 rooms, especially the bedroom. Carbon-Zeolite mix and potassium iodide enable the HealthMate Jr. Plus to remove volatile organic chemicals. It is highly recommended in smaller rooms for those who have extreme chemical sensitivities.

Technical Specifications
  • Height: 16.5"; Width: 11" x 11"; Weight 18 lbs.

  • Perforated steel intake housing (filter deck); 360� intake

  • Air flow output from upper deck, directed one side

  • Bottom plate easily removed for filter access

  • Baked-on powder coat finish

Fan and Motor Assembly
  • Centrifugal fan

  • 3 Speed control switch

  • Power rating: 1 amp, 120 volts

  • 80 Watt power consumption at highest setting

  • Motor type: High efficiency shaded pole motor rated for continuous high RPM , long life duty

  • Motor mounted on shock absorbers

  • CSA, UL and CE approved

Filter Assembly HEPA and carbon/zeolite unit
  • 9.5" diameter 11.25" height

  • 30 sq. ft. true HEPA medical filter medium

  • 6.5 lbs mixture of solid activated carbon (impregnated with potassium iodide)/zeolite

  • Meets HEPA standards, trapping 99.97% of all particulates larger than 0.3 microns

  • Foam sealing gaskets top and bottom

  • Total weight 8 lbs

  • Traps large dust particles

  • Designed to be vacuumed from outside and eliminate costly 3 month filter changes

Fan Rating: 200cfm on high setting: cleans a room area of up to 700 ft.
Warranty: 5 years on all parts and labor
Filter Guarantee: 5 year pro-rated guarantee under normal residential use

Regularly Priced: $ .50
Current Price: $419.00
Product Code: AAHMJRP
Company: Austin Air

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For more information on Health Mate Jr.+, check out Austin Air Filters.

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